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The Main Rig

I got incredibly lucky and ended up with this thing landing in my lap. No joke. I was in a discord server for transy nerds and one of my friends says "Does anyone want an RTX 2080 Ti with a water block on it?" The only other person in the channel was from Vietnam and they say it wouldn't have made it through customs without huge bribery, so I got it. My PC at the time was not a suitable home for it, nor could I afford to cool it properly with pumps and radiators. So... they reveal they have industry connections for testing hardware and need to clear space in their house. So I ended up with an entire computer, plus some spare parts. It works wonders for basically anything I want it to do and has since September of 2021, I believe. My 900p goodwill monitor is still a bit of a bummer tho, lol.