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May 6, 2023

The way I've come to understand all this (general bigotry) is just that conservatism generally, and fascism more specifically, necessarily requires rigid hierarchies to function. And the existence of gay and trans people fundamentally breaks that. Having race equality breaks that.

If trans people are allowed to exist then in some cases (1-3%, whatever the percentage of the population is), people you thought were women might actually be men, or people who you thought were men might actually be women. Which, in the eyes of the fascist, means that some people from "lower rungs" of society might have a path to climb the ladder. Or people higher on it might be willing to climb down and give up some of their privilege.

Or people might not fit cleanly into the boxes, in which case you have no idea where they belong in your hierarchy. Which is easy to explain by someone who sees things the way I see them, because their hierarchy is artificial.

The way gay people break it is a little different, of course. But if they had it their way, then women would be the properties of their fathers until they got married and became the property of their husbands.

But if a man is gay, then they can't understand the hierarchical dynamic of their relationship, because who is the master and who is the slave in that situation? (Unless they're kinky, but that's different)

And a woman marrying a woman means the same thing, except it's two people who are supposed to be slaves to their husbands suddenly not experiencing that oppression that they wish was ubiquitous.